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Holiday rentals in Fouras Charente-maritime

    Fouras, ideally located holiday rental

    7 reasons to choose a holiday rental in Fouras 

    This is a balcony peninsula on the Charente Maritime islands, halfway between the islands of Ré and Oléron.

    Location of your holiday rentals in Fouras

    Fouras holiday rentals are particularly well located for visiting the Charente Maritime. Fouras is a narrow peninsula situated halfway between the bridges of the ile de Ré and the ile d'Oléron. At the end of the peninsula is the pier for the Ile d'Aix. On the other side of the Charente estuary, you can admire Ile Madame. Fouras is also 29km south of La Rochelle and 13km north of Rochefort sur mer. 50km to the east is the Marais Poitevin and the famous Venise Verte. 31km to the south on the road to Marennes and the island of Oléron, you will discover Brouage. Brouage is a forgotten place where the history of France was written under Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu who was governor, then Louis XIV and Mazarin and finally Champlain who founded Quebec.. 30km to the south Sainteswhich has been awarded the "Villes d'art et d'histoire" label by the French Ministry of Culture. The town of Cognacknown worldwide for the products of its wine cellars, also benefits from this "Town of Art and History" label because of its exceptional heritage.

    The main disadvantage of your holiday rental in Fouras, both seaside and central, is that you'll have to make choices. The rich heritage of the Charentes is such that you won't be able to visit everything. One last figure to convince you: 11% of France's listed Romanesque churches can be found in the Charentes, on the doorstep of your holiday home in Fouras.

    Nature around your holiday rental in Fouras

    Wherever you choose to rent holiday accommodation in Fouras, you'll be less than 700m from the ocean. This is ideal for breathing in the ocean air, which is ideal for rest and relaxation.

    With its many beaches, surrounded by woods and marshes, Fouras is also known as the green peninsula. This name is linked to the many holm oaks in the woods, which retain their green foliage all year round. The marshes on the outskirts of Fouras are a haven of peace for an abundance of wildlife. This wildlife is easy to observe and admire.

    Alluvial deposits from the Pyrenees, transported by the Garonne and then the Gironde, provide rich water that is the source of an incomparable ecosystem. This water, its temperature and its currents are extremely favourable for shellfish (oysters and mussels). They are also good for the food chain of many species of fish. These beautiful fish are what you can enjoy during your stay.

    Until the 1960s, the therapeutic virtues of sea bathing in Fouras were widely recognised. Bathers relieved their rheumatic pains by smearing themselves with mud and then exposing themselves to the sun. Today, mud poultices are one of the most popular treatments at the Rochefort-sur-mer thermal baths.

    The climate Choose your holiday rental in Fouras

    More than 2,000 hours of sunshine, an average summer temperature of 20°C and a gentle ocean breeze that rises with every rising tide make life in Fouras so pleasant.

    On your return from Rochefort or La Rochelle, the entrance to the peninsula is often heralded by a cloudless sky. This is an effect of the microclimate that will enhance your holidays in Fouras. Another effect is that the air conditioning of holiday rentals in Fouras is of little use. A holiday rental with a swimming pool in Fouras is a plus, as the ocean retreats very far at low tide. And if that pool can be covered for those rare rainy days, it's the assurance of an ideal all-weather holiday.

    The story was written 2 steps from your holiday home in Fouras

    Louis XIV, Colbert, Vauban and François Ferry changed the history of Rochefort and the surrounding area forever. Fouras is one of the key parts of the ring of fire protecting the Rochefort-sur-Mer arsenal.

    Under the direction of the King's general engineer, François Ferry, the medieval castle was transformed into a fortress protecting the ships anchored in the Fouras roadstead from the fire of its cannons. From the top of the Vauban fort's keep, you can enjoy a 360° view of all the Charente's channels and islands. The keep also houses the Fouras museum (classified as a French museum). Here you can discover archaeological and maritime collections (seaside and military).

    Your holiday rental in Fouras will also be the ideal base from which to discover the many historic sites in the surrounding area (La Rochelle, Rochefort, Ile d'Aix, Brouage, .... ).

    Fouras began its transformation from a fishing village and garrison town into a seaside resort in 1840. The bourgeoisie's enthusiasm for sea bathing led to the construction of a railway line and the arrival of the Chemin de fer d'Orléans in 1884. A direct summer line linked Fouras les bains to Paris-Montparnasse. The casino soon followed, where the greatest French artists of the time performed.

    The sea-bathing craze has also allowed different architectural styles to express themselves in Fouras. All these villas have been preserved and enhanced. A seaside resort that has managed to preserve its authentic charm from the concrete. A stroll along the narrow streets of Fouras will take you on a surprising journey back in time.

    Follow our guides Henriette and Léopoldine on a journey of discovery. dramatised tour of Fouras the baths. The richness and accuracy of the information distilled from Henriette and Léopoldine's delightful chatter will have you teaching even your friends from Fouras.

    Meet the Marquis of Vauban and Madame de Montespan and inspect the works of the Ring of Fire from the top of Fort Vauban. The Bay of Fouras and the Charente islands will be revealed to you in a dazzling panorama, while the Marquis de Vauban will share with you the mysteries of the Ring of Fire.

    The sharing of anecdotes, the history within the history is a part that is not found in brochures and tourist guides. This is also what you will discover when you rent a holiday home in Fouras from a private owner.

    Quality of life Zen holidays in Fouras

    A seaside resort with a permanent population of around 4,000 that welcomes large numbers of summer visitors without affecting the quality of life. There are none of the crowds and promiscuity of other seaside resorts, either on the beaches or in town.

    The 2 covered markets (one for local produce and one for seafood) are open every morning, every day, all year round except New Year's Day and 1 May. This is complemented by the many shops in the pedestrianised street and a supermarket.

    The fairs open their stalls every morning on Tuesdays and Fridays from June to September.

    Numerous associations and events also contribute to the quality of life of both permanent and visiting residents.

    You'll also discover the Presqu'île spirit and see that the relaxed pace will quickly get the better of the ambient stress of modern life. Holiday rentals in Fouras les bains are the best way to enjoy this real quality of life.

    Gastronomy in Fouras

    From your holiday accommodation in Fouras, you can walk or cycle to the covered market or to the oyster and mussel farmers' huts.

    Fishmongers will be selling Le Maigre and Le Céteau, local gastronomic champions, alongside Sea Bass, Mullet, Saint Pierre and many other better-known varieties of fish. Oyster and mussel farmers, whether at the market or in their huts, will be offering their seasonal oysters and mussels to take away or enjoy on the spot.

    If you're reluctant to try your hand at preparing seafood, the restaurants on the peninsula will be able to concoct some unforgettable recipes. It's hard to resist the temptation of tasting this seafood on a café terrace or on an oyster farmer's terrace overlooking the ocean.

    Opting for a holiday rental in Fouras also means having privileged contact with hosts who will be delighted to share with you their best addresses.

    Fun and cultural activities in Fouras

    Sailing, kitesurfing, kayaking, golf, mini golf, dancing, cinema, library, games library, beach games or casino, beach, swimming, fishing on foot or in the open sea, funfair, walking, wildlife watching, ... there's something for everyone.

    Choosing a holiday rental in Fouras also means having access to up-to-date information tailored to your needs, from local people.

    Things to see and do in Fouras

    Information sheet prepared and offered by the **** holiday residence in Fouras les Bains.

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