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General Conditions of Rental of Seasonal Furnished Accommodation


The tenant may not under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises after the expiry of the period initially stipulated in the contract.


The Tenant shall make reasonable use of the furnished accommodation in accordance with the purpose of the premises.

On departure, the tenant undertakes to leave the furnished accommodation as clean as they found it on arrival. If this is not the case, a cleaning fee will be charged or deducted from the deposit. Additional cleaning of the crockery, if necessary, will be invoiced on a time spent basis (rate: 40€ per hour).

The hirer undertakes, in the event of use of the aquatic area and/or the fitness room, to make reasonable use of the goods in accordance with the articles "aquatic area" and "fitness room" herein.

Under no circumstances may the rental benefit a third party. The owner shall provide the accommodation in accordance with the description he has given, shall maintain it in a state of use and shall allow the lessee to enjoy it peacefully.


On arrival of the client in the rental, a deposit is requested by the owner. It will be returned to the tenant, after the contradictory inventory of fixtures at the end of the rental period or will be sent to him within one week, after deduction, if necessary, of the cost of restoring the premises and the cost of replacing the elements and equipment made available. This period may not exceed 60 days.

This guarantee is extended to the damage provided for in the "aquatic area" and "fitness room" sections of this document.

If the bond is insufficient, the tenant undertakes to make up the difference.


The number of tenants may under no circumstances exceed the stated capacity without the prior written agreement of the owner, taking into account the additional charges incurred by the change in the number of occupants. A supplement will then be invoiced in proportion to the number of persons.

5-      ANIMALS

Animals are not allowed, with some exceptions.

For small animals that are not likely to cause a nuisance, they may be accepted by way of derogation by the owner provided that these animals are registered on the contract. The tenant undertakes to respect the number of animals allowed, as indicated on the contract, and undertakes to ensure that the animal does not cause any damage or disturbance to the occupants or neighbours.

Failure to comply with this clause shall result in immediate termination of the contract by the lessee alone, without any reimbursement of services being due from the lessor to the lessee.


6.1   General provisions " aquatic area " :

The aquatic area is subject to internal regulations, which are displayed in the aquatic area.

No personal belongings may be brought into the swimming area. The lessor is not liable for the loss or theft of any item while using the pool area.

In the event of non-compliance with the rules described below, the lessor may prohibit access to the aquatic area by the lessees, without compensation of any kind.

                                  6-1-1    Hygiene

The use of the aquatic area is reserved for the tenants of the residence "Les Thalassîles" and the villa "La Mouclière". All third parties are forbidden to swim, in particular guests of the tenants, except with the written agreement of the landlord.

The swimming pool and whirlpool are subject to daily water quality control by the lessor, in accordance with articles L1332-1, D1332-1 and following of the public health code.

Before taking any bath(s), guests undertake to take a shower, placed for this purpose in both the swimming pool and the whirlpool bath, before entering the bathing area, with shower gel and shampoo for each entry into the whirlpool bath. Make-up residue and/or suncare products must not be allowed to remain before entering the whirlpool or the swimming pool, as this could lead to the closure of the latter, in particular due to the high risk of altering the quality of the water. Long hair must be tied back, and clean, suitable sandals must be worn from the moment you enter the pool area, and must be worn only during your stay in the pool.

It is forbidden to eat, smoke or urinate outside or in the bathing areas. Use of the toilets in the reception area is provided for the latter. It is also forbidden to bring pets into the pool area and clubhouse. In addition, you are advised not to use any electronic items in or out of the pool area.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children comply with the rules of hygiene, and are fully liable for any costs incurred as a result of non-compliance.

The lessor is not responsible for the closing of the swimming pool to all the tenants, when this is caused by the non-respect of the above described procedure by one of the tenants of the residence "Les Thalassîles" or the villa "La Mouclière", or in case of force majeure.

Nor shall he be held responsible for the loss or destruction of any property of the lessees in the aquatic area.

                                  6-1-2    Security

As this is a private bathing area for collective use, the lessor is under no obligation to supervise the aquatic area (L322-7 code du sport). The lessor cannot be held responsible for this, and the lessee acknowledges that he exonerates the owner of any responsibility for safety related to supervision. Children are admitted under the exclusive care and responsibility of their parents.

Users are required to wear a swimming costume and beach sandals outside the water to avoid slipping. Users are advised not to run and to be careful when leaving the pools by using their beach sandals to avoid any falls.

It is forbidden to shout or play violent games in and around the pool, to throw objects or stones into the pool, to run, to enter the technical filtration rooms and to touch the electrical installations.

The use of alcohol, drugs or medication, if the latter causes a behavioural disorder or a risk indicated by the laboratory, is prohibited before and during the use of the aquatic area.

In the event of an accident and/or the presence of one of the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph, the lessor shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the lessee(s).

                                  6-1-3    Degradation(s)

All property used during or outside swimming is the responsibility of the users, in particular sunbeds, showers, green areas, windows, etc.

The lessees shall be liable for any damage to any of the property of the aquatic area. The lessor may withhold part or all of the guarantee provided for in Article 3 in order to repair damage caused by the lessees.

In the event of damage of a value greater than the guarantee, the parties shall agree to promote an amicable settlement of the dispute, in particular by using the lessee's civil liability insurance.

6.2    Private pool for collective use

It is open during the daily hours set out in the internal regulations.

Children are admitted under the exclusive care and responsibility of their parents.

The Lessor shall not be liable for the absence or improper supervision of children by their parents in accordance with 6-1-2.

6.3    Whirlpool

The whirlpool can accommodate a maximum of 5 people.

Each use of the whirlpool is forbidden for one person alone, to avoid drowning caused by fainting due to the heat or the jets of the whirlpool.

Its use is forbidden to children aged 14 or under, even if accompanied by an adult. It is also strongly discouraged for pregnant or potentially pregnant women at temperatures above 38 degrees.

The whirlpool is forbidden for people with cardiovascular diseases, wounds or contagious diseases.

The maximum duration of use of the whirlpool is 20 minutes per session, and 10 minutes for pregnant women. The whirlpool can only be used once an hour, and once a day for pregnant women.

The Lessor shall be exempt from all liability in the event of improper performance of this agreement.


7.1    General provisions " fitness room " :

The fitness room is subject to internal regulations, which are posted in the room.

It can only be used by tenants who have reached the age of majority and who have a medical agreement from a health professional to engage in physical activity.

No personal property may be brought into the gym. The lessor is not liable for the loss or theft of any item during the use of the fitness room.

7.2    Security

It is forbidden to use the room alone, to alert the emergency services in the event of an accident or to relieve a user who has used the equipment unreasonably (overload).

Cords, belts, scarves, and any objects or clothing that may be entrained by the operation of a machine are prohibited.

The equipment is subject to a user manual, which is available to users in the fitness centre, and must be consulted by the user prior to the session.

The gym is not subject to supervision. The lessor is not liable for any damage suffered by the lessee.

7.3    Hygiene

Users must wear decent, sporty clothing and appropriate footwear (non-slip and clean). The equipment must be automatically and systematically cleaned by the user after each exercise, to ensure decent use by the next user.

Users place a towel on the equipment used to keep the goods clean (sweat splashes).

The presence of animals is prohibited.

7.4    Degradation

Users are responsible for any damage, deterioration or soiling of the equipment.

The lessee(s) shall be liable for any damage caused by the lessee(s) to any of the property of the aquatic area. The lessor may withhold part or all of the guarantee provided for in Article 3 in order to repair the damage caused by the lessees.

In the event of damage of a value greater than the guarantee, the parties shall agree to promote an amicable settlement of the dispute, in particular by using the lessee's civil liability insurance.

8-     PARKING

The car park is open all day to facilitate the arrival and departure of travellers. It is closed at night. We strongly advise you not to leave any personal belongings in the cars and, in addition, to keep them locked at all times.

The lessor does not provide any surveillance of the residence's car park. The landlord has no obligation of security and is not responsible for theft, accidents or any other damage suffered by the tenants during their stay.


The lessor accepts no responsibility for theft in the villas. Furthermore, the lessor cannot be held liable for unreasonable use or misuse of the villas.


The inventory of fixtures and fittings and the inventory of the furniture and equipment will be carried out jointly at the beginning and end of the stay by the owner and will be signed by both parties.


The reservation will become effective as soon as the Hirer has returned a copy of the signed contract, or has acknowledged that he/she has read and accepted the present general rental conditions, together with the deposit, before the date indicated.

The balance of the rent must be paid 28 days before arrival at the property. If the tenant delays his arrival, he must inform the owner beforehand, in these conditions article 13 paragraph b will not be applied.


In the event of early interruption of the stay by the Tenant, and if the responsibility of the owner is not called into question, no reimbursement will be made, except for the security deposit under the conditions indicated in article 3.


Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter:

a- Before taking possession. As a general rule, the deposit remains with the owner. They may be returned when the furnished accommodation has been re-let for the same period and at the same price. Less than 29 days before the start of the rental period, no refund will be made unless the property can be re-let for the same period and at the same price. We invite you to take out cancellation insurance.

b- If the tenant has not shown up on the day mentioned in the contract :

After 24 hours and without notice to the owner :

- the present contract shall be deemed to be terminated,

- the deposit and the balance remain with the owner,

- the owner can dispose of his furnished accommodation.

c- In the event of cancellation of the rental by the owner :

The lessor will reimburse the lessee double the deposit and, if applicable, the balance if it has been received, i.e. accepted after verification by the lessor's bank.


The lessor may terminate the contract during the course of its execution in the event of voluntary deterioration of the premises (dwelling, clubhouse, aquatic area and fitness room), voluntary and repeated abnormal neighbourhood disturbances, thefts, non-performance of a clause in the contract, without it being necessary to prove the seriousness of the breach. The immediate termination of the contract would then be the sole responsibility of the tenant, in compliance with article 12 of these general conditions.


The tenant is obliged to insure the premises entrusted or rented to him. He must therefore check whether his main home policy includes the holiday extension (holiday rental). If it does not, they should check with their insurer.


If the complaint concerns the state of the premises or the description of the rental, it must be made in writing within seven days of arrival. The owner and the tenant must favour an amicable settlement. For other complaints, the tenant may refer the matter to a representative body without any time limit.

These general terms and conditions of hire and use are deemed to be accepted in their entirety without any modification by the hirer by ticking the box provided for this purpose on the hire contract.

The present general terms and conditions of rental and use of seasonal furnished accommodation are written in French. In the event that they are translated into one or more languages, only the French text shall be binding in the event of a dispute.

By express agreement between the parties, these general terms and conditions of rental and use of the seasonal furnished accommodation and the rental and purchase transactions arising therefrom are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute, the parties expressly agree that the courts of La Rochelle shall have jurisdiction.


The personal data collected within the framework of the contract by Thalassîles, the data controller, is necessary for the computer processing of your contract for the following purposes: management of your contract, litigation, evaluation of your satisfaction, carrying out of statistical and marketing studies, information and commercial prospecting. This processing is mandatory for the conclusion and management of the present contract. Otherwise, the contract cannot be concluded or executed.

This information is not communicated to third parties; it is not transferred free of charge or for a fee. Nevertheless, it may be transmitted, at their request only, to official bodies and legally authorised administrative or judicial authorities (European Union countries).

In accordance with the applicable regulations, you have the right to access your data, the right to rectify it, the right to object on legitimate grounds, the right to portability, the right to erasure, the right to organise the conditions for storing and communicating your personal data after your death, the right to erasure and the right to limit the information concerning you.

The data is kept for the duration of the contract plus any legal or regulatory requirements, in this case five years.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07. Tel: 01 53 73 22 22.