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Rules of the residence

The use of pillow cases, bolster cases, fitted sheets and duvet covers is compulsory for reasons of hygiene, and their non-use will be invoiced at the current rate for dry cleaning or their replacement, per pillow, bolster, duvet and mattress cover.
It is forbidden to put mattresses on the floor.

Each unit has one parking space.
Access doors to the property must always be closed after 8pm.
To avoid any nuisance, please do not make any noise when returning the vehicles after 22:00.

The cleaning is at the charge of the tenants and must be perfectly done before departure, otherwise it will be charged or deducted from the deposit (*) for an amount of 60€ for a villa of type F2 and 80€ for a villa of type F3.

Bicycles, fishing equipment and boots are not allowed inside the accommodation. It is possible on request to open a room for this type of equipment.

Any material equipment, household linen, bedding, furniture that has been damaged, stained, destroyed, lost or blocked will be invoiced or withheld from the deposit (*) depending on the amount of its repair, replacement or cleaning on presentation of the corresponding invoice.

Only tenants may have access to common facilities. All users must respect the rules for the use of the common facilities provided free of charge. Each user must take care not to disturb the use of the facilities by the other tenants. Failure to comply with this clause will result in the prohibition of the use of the said equipment until the end of the stay, solely on the part of the tenant, without any compensation. Any damage or deterioration caused to the equipment will be repaired at the expense of the person responsible.

Your rental includes the use of a private garden in front of your villa. Access to other parts of the property is your responsibility and subject to the owner's permission.

Pets are only allowed in certain villas with prior permission of the owner. They must be kept in the part of the garden corresponding to your accommodation.

In the commune of Fouras, selective sorting is in force. Thank you for our environment to respect this sorting. Please note that the bins will be taken out the day before the collection (which takes place early in the morning).

(*) If the amount exceeds the deposit, the difference will be payable by the hirer or may be the subject of an insurance claim.