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Better than a fixed price, a rental rate adapted to curists in Rochefort, Fouras Charente maritime

Thermal cure in Rochefort during your holidays in Charente-Maritime
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You are taking a spa treatment in Rochefort, a thalasso in Chatelaillon, La Rochelle: Benefit from the curist rates!

The "Curiste" ratesRochefort spa treatment

Better than a curist package for a cure in Rochefort, our curist rates are substantial discounts applied on our basic rate. The discounts depend on the dates of your stay.

They are established for a minimum stay of 3 consecutive weeks, arrival on Saturday and departure on Saturday. Whether you are a curist or a holidaymaker or travelling, these rates apply.

The cost of the rental depends on both the type of villa you want and the dates of your stay. By clicking on the "See availability" or "Detail your stay" button you will access the booking area. This space will list the villas available according to your criteria for the chosen period and will then draw up your quote, automatically including the curist discount in your quote, which thus becomes your curist package in Rochefort.

Method: Enter your dates of stay (arrival and departure on a Saturday) and additional criteria. The booking area will respond by indicating the villas available for these dates of stay with the price of the basic stay (no options), excluding tourist tax, not curist. Choose the villa you want. For stays of 3 consecutive weeks or more, the reservation area will automatically establish the corresponding discount as well as the cost of additional services and tourist taxes.

This discount will be automatically deducted from the basic rate shown above and the cost of additional services and tourist tax will be added to establish the Total stay of your quote.

This curist rate does not include linen. It allows you to benefit from adapted prices while personalizing your interior.

Rates for complementary services for Rochefort curists

The booking area will allow you to choose additional services.

Some of these services are specific to long stays:

  • the bed made on arrival and the provision of a clean linen kit in the middle of the stay.
  • the rental of a bathroom linen kit with a change of clothes in the middle of the stay.
  • the rental of the swimming pool kit with a change of clothes in the middle of the stay.

The other additional services are those indicated on the price list of the type of villa you have chosen.

Ideal residence for your spa treatment in Rochefort
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CURIST RATES BUT ALWAYS SERVICES **** for your spa treatment in Rochefort

Your safety, our actions

As part of the prevention of COVID 19, at the end of each stay, whatever its duration, we carry out a disinfection with suitable products.

Whatever the length of your stay, we change all the bed sheets. We also change duvets and pillows so that at least 7 days pass before a duvet or pillow is used again. These preventive actions are maintained in 2023.

Your contribution to this effort appears in your quote as a surcharge per stay of €40 for a villa type F2 and 60€ for a villa type F3 or " La Mouclière ".

The COVID disinfection does not exempt you from cleaning at the end of your stay. You can choose to do this cleaning yourself or to entrust it to us (except for the kitchen area, crockery and barbecue which must be left clean) by selecting the corresponding service.

Tourist tax

The amount depends on the classification (number of stars) and the number of nights spent by persons aged 18 and over. The rate of tourist tax is indicated on the page tariff the type of villa you choose for your stay.


The amount of the security deposit is indicated on the price list page for the type of villa you have chosen for your stay.


All our prices include VAT at the rate in force on 1/01/2023.

The invoice for your stay will enable you to benefit from any social housing benefits to which you may be entitled as part of your spa treatment.

Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary.