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Thermal cure in Rochefort sur mer accommodation for curists in Fouras on the ocean shore

Thermal cure in Rochefort Charente-maritime rental house with pool in Fouras
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For rent by the spa In Rochefort (17)

We welcome a large number of spa visitors looking for accommodation in Rochefort while staying by the ocean.

Among the curist rentals in Rochefort, choose your furnished rental for curist in Rochefort located in Fouras, on the seafront, 200m from the ocean and 13km from the Rochefort spa.

You will be living in an unspoilt, comfortable environment and will benefit fromquick access to the Rochefort thermal baths. Our spa guests enjoy walks by the ocean and the comfort of **** in the restful, relaxing setting of Thalassîles.

Les Thalassîles, the ideal accommodation for your health cure in Rochefort, combining the benefits of a health cure and the sea air.

In addition to the Rochefort spa, our holiday residence offers a wide range of activities in the Fouras area to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Our partnerships open the doors to carefully tested and selected restaurants and activities.

Rochefort sur mer your spa treatment close to the ocean, your accommodation in Fouras
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Your rheumatology spa treatment by the sea is ideal thanks to the combination of a spa treatment in Rochefort and your accommodation for spa-goers in Fouras, 200 m from the ocean.

Rochefort (Charente-Maritime) is the 7th largest spa in France. Thermal cures in rheumatology, phlebology, dermatology and oral and lingual mucous membrane affectation. Double orientations are also offered.

You'll receive treatments from a rare, hot, ferruginous thermal spring with recognised therapeutic properties. Hot mud treatments based on fluviomarine clays are also available.

Combine this with a stay by the ocean and its iodine air and you have a recipe for a beneficial cure.

Our Rochefort spa holidays offer you this recipe on a platter and much more besides ...

Gite rental, holiday home with swimming pool at the edge of the ocean in Fouras 13km from the Rochefort spa


Les Thalassîles Fouras, furnished accommodation for health spa patients in Rochefort

The extraordinary sunshine on the Fouras peninsula and the fresh sea air on the coastal path near Les Thalassîles all contribute to the benefits of your cure.

Les Thalassîles, an exceptional residence nestling 200m from the ocean between La Rochelle and Rochefort, is just 13km (13 minutes by car) from the Rochefort thermal baths. You'll be staying in one of our furnished holiday rentals (10 semi-detached F3 and F2 villas), in a calm and relaxing setting.

All our villas are classified Furnished tourism ****. It's a sure-fire way to make your choice with complete peace of mind. The French Ministry of Tourism provides quality assurance.

A spa treatment in Rochefort will relieve aches and pains, but will also be hard on your body.

During your cure, you'll feel more and more tired every day. So criteria such as peace and quiet, relaxation, rest and comfort will be essential. This makes the choice of accommodation for your cure in Rochefort all the more important.

21 days with Spartan comfort 2 steps from the spa is a very, very long time.

Think of yourself, think of your health, choose quality spa accommodation in Rochefort, you deserve it!

Our Rochefort curiste accommodation is classified and partnered with the Rochefort océan tourist office.

We can then issue an invoice for your stay that can be accepted by your works council.

This may release a contribution towards your accommodation costs.

Rochefort rental for curist villa with swimming pool at the seaside


To the Thalassiles, you choose and book the villa that best meets your criteria, not just another villa.

Each villa has a name and is presented by name. You select your accommodation according to its capacity, its surface area, the acceptance of a pet and PRM access. At Thalassîles you also choose the orientation, the garden, the size of the bedding and its adaptation to excess weight if necessary.

As all our villas are fully equipped, the level of equipment is not a distinguishing criterion between houses of identical type.

To make your stay more enjoyable, we welcome you to the club house where you will find a concierge service, tourist information as well as the aquatic and fitness areas.

The aquatic area includes a jacuzzi and a heated, covered swimming pool (which can be fully or partially uncovered depending on the weather conditions).

To make your stay as easy as possible, there's an enclosed private car park, easy access from the entrance to Fouras, and a short distance from the spa. Rochefort thermal baths. Coming from the Thalassîles Fouras is direct, so you don't have to go through Fouras or Rochefort to get to the spa.

Curist pricing is equivalent to a discount of up to 60% for the third week. All this makes it an ideal location for people taking the waters at Rochefort.

Les thermes de rochefort sur mer charente maritime, furnished viila rental with swimming pool fouras
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More about LES Thermes DE Rochefort in Charente-Maritime

Our holiday residence, just a stone's throw from Rochefort, is ideally designed for enjoying both the Rochefort spa and visiting the region. In a relaxing setting, you'll be right in the centre of the region's emblematic sites and 13 minutes from the spa. This is a rental where water, fresh air and relaxation come together.

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2024 season: Opening on 19 February 2024 - Closing on 7 December 2024

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