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What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment by cheques, holiday vouchers, bank transfers and cash.

We do not currently accept payment by credit card.

Do you accept holiday vouchers?

Yes, we accept ANCV holiday vouchers to pay for all or part of your stay.

The holiday residence Les Thalassîles accepts payment by Chèque Vacances ANCV

How to proceed:

Please indicate this in the comments when making your booking request after checking the validity date of your holiday vouchers.

if you wish to pay for your entire rental in holiday vouchers

to validate your reservation after reception of your rental contract proposal, send with the approved and signed contract a bank cheque for the amount of the deposit on which you will have affixed a sticker indicating that you will not cash this cheque as you will pay the total amount in holiday vouchers.

28 days before arrival (when paying the balance of the rental), send a bank cheque for the amount of the balance on which you will have affixed a sticker warning you not to cash this cheque as you will be paying the total amount in holiday vouchers.

These cheques will be exchanged on arrival for holiday cheques for the same total amount. Any difference will be settled in cash. It is not possible to give change for a holiday voucher.

If you wish to pay for part of your holiday in holiday vouchers, follow the procedure above for the part to be paid in holiday vouchers and send a cheque to be cashed or a bank transfer for the other part.

In any case, never send your holiday vouchers by post, as their loss would be irreparable.

Can you confirm that the pool is open, accessible and heated during my stay?

Every year from the first weekend in April to the first Sunday after 11 November (or 11 November if it's a Sunday) the swimming pool is open and heated.

For other times of the year, contact us.

Is there a household package?

Yes, it includes all cleaning except for the kitchen area, crockery and barbecue, which must be left clean.

Do you supply the sheets for the baby kit?

We do not provide sheets or undersheets for cots.

If I don't take the end-of-stay cleaning option, what cleaning products should I bring?

The ones you use at home. If you don't take the cleaning option, you simply return the villa in the same condition as you found it. We have specific products for covid disinfection which we will take care of in all cases.

Are Bermuda shorts or equivalent allowed at the pool?

Why are certain types of swimming costumes banned in swimming pools? This question is asked regularly and the answer is simple: it is a question of hygiene. Swim shorts, like Bermuda shorts or boardshorts, can be worn all day. The main reason for banning this type of swimwear is to reduce pollution of the pools (hair, sweat, urine residue, etc.) in order to preserve the quality of the water.

Long shorts are also loose fitting and often have pockets. When swimming, it is possible to forget to remove objects such as handkerchiefs or papers from the pockets. These objects have no business being in the pool and can end up floating on the surface of the water...

Reserve long shorts and swimming trunks for the beach.

Do you serve breakfast?

Except for the villa "La Mouclière", we offer breakfast baskets that are delivered to your door in the morning. They must be ordered at the latest the day before before 12 noon.

What happens if I can't make it? In the event of cancellation?

In the event of cancellation in connection with Covid 19 and under the conditions listed in our general rental conditions, it is possible to cancel free of charge.

For all other reasons, cancellation of the holiday will result in the loss of the deposit or the entire holiday if the tenant is not covered by cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance, which costs approximately 5 to 6% of the price of the holiday.

Do you accept credit cards, blue, visa, ...

Not for the moment, we're preparing for this development.

How to book?

Click on the see availability button, indicate your preferred dates of stay and the number of people who will be staying at Thalassîles, select any compulsory criteria (PRM, overweight, pet-friendly) and the search engine will show you the suitable villas that are available or, if there are none that correspond exactly to what you want, will suggest changes. All you have to do then is choose the available villa you prefer, then the options you want and finally click on the book button.

On receipt, we will check the booking request (to avoid double booking of the same villa) and send you a proposed rental contract. The rental will be effective upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit before the validity period has expired.

Which villa would you recommend?

All our F3 villas have the same surface area, the same layout and the same level of equipment. It's the orientation that sets them apart. So depending on the season and your preferences, the recommendations will be different. The "Ré" and "Oléron" villas are south-south-west facing (terrace), and will be more pleasant in spring, autumn, winter or summer for fans of sunshine. The east-south-east-facing villa "Aix", with its garden semi-shaded by the nearby oak grove, will be very pleasant in summer, spring and autumn, and for fans of breakfast in the sun. Villa Madame faces west-north-west and is perfect for sunset dinners in any season.

The F2 Villas all have the same layout and level of equipment. They are also suitable for everyone, including people with reduced mobility ("Louvois", "La Pointe", "Lupin"), overweight people ("La Pointe") and those with pets ("Lupin", "Vauban", "Enet"). Orientation is also a distinguishing feature, east-south-east for "Lupin", "Vauban" and "Enet" and west-north-west for "Boyard", "Louvois" and "La Pointe". Other criteria include the size of the bed (140×190 or 160×200) and the surface area of the villa.

The pictograms on each villa allow you to see at a glance which villas are suitable for you.

Are there any screws?

The residence and the layout of the villas have been designed to avoid any vis à vis. See the plan of the residence.

Are the gardens enclosed?

All the gardens form an enclosed park within the residence, and are therefore double-enclosed in relation to the public space. The gardens of the "Aix", "Lupin", "Enet" and "Vauban" villas are enclosed within the park to prevent any animals housed in these villas from wandering into the park's other gardens.

Do you accept cats?

Yes in the villas " Lupin ", " Aix " and " La Mouclière ". See pet-friendly rates.

We have valuable bikes is there a secure bike garage?

There is no secure garage or bike room, but there is a bike park with hoops fixed to the walls to make them secure. It is always possible to store your bike on your garden terrace, in which case it will be out of sight of passers-by behind a double enclosure.

I have a trailer is there a place where I can leave it safely?

There is a specific parking space, subject to availability at the time of booking. There is always the possibility to use the villa's parking space to park your trailer and to park the vehicle in the public car parks in the immediate vicinity.

I have an electric vehicle, is it possible to recharge it?

Yes, it is possible to charge it, currently from a standard socket in a dedicated space, but it will soon be equipped with a charging point for electric cars.

For this you need to take a package when booking.

We are coming with 2 cars is it possible to park them on the residence car park?

Only one parking space is available per villa, so it will not be possible to park the second vehicle in the residence car park unless we give explicit permission. However, there are parking spaces in front of the residence and a public car park about 100 metres from the residence.

My treatment ends on Saturday afternoon - can we stay until Sunday?

If the booking engine does not allow you to do this, it is because renting until Sunday would probably cause us to lose an entire week's rental. In this case, simply let us know when you make your booking and if the accommodation is still available for the following week, we will offer to let it until Sunday. In this case, we advise you to make a reservation for Saturday night in a hotel close to the spa, which you can then cancel free of charge.

I have an appointment with the spa doctor on Friday, is it possible to take the accommodation from Friday?

If the booking engine does not allow you to do this, it is because renting from Friday onwards would probably cause us to lose an entire week's rental. In this case, simply let us know when you make your booking and if the accommodation is still available in the week prior to your arrival, we will offer you the possibility of renting it from Friday. In this case, we advise you to make an additional reservation for Friday night in a hotel close to the spa, which you can then cancel free of charge.

Why can't children come into the hot tub, when elsewhere it's possible?

There are two main reasons why children should not be allowed in hot tubs. Both are linked to a risk to children's health.

Firstly, as the water temperature normally exceeds 30°C, microbial growth will be very rapid and the consequences for a child in the event of contamination more severe. As you may have read on our website we take every precaution to avoid any contamination (continuous and automatic disinfection of the bath, manual controls, etc.), but there is no such thing as zero risk.

The second reason is the risk associated with temperature, which a child cannot perceive. Think of your child bathing in cold water, his body is "blue" and he responds to your concern "No, I'm not cold". He's not lying, he can't feel it and will come out of the water shivering, needing you to warm him up. It's worse in the whirlpool bath, where temperatures can exceed internal body temperature, with much more serious consequences.

From what time to what time is the pool open/accessible?

From 9am to 8pm, when the swimming pool is open. The swimming pool can be reserved by villa from 9am to 10am, from 10am to 11am and from 7pm to 8pm. It is freely accessible from 11am to 7pm and during periods when it has not been reserved. See the scheduleIt is accessible on our website and the residence's wifi network.

Is it possible to put a cot in the room?

Yes, all the bedrooms in all the villas are large enough to accommodate a cot.

Do you have a cot available?

We have several baby kits (cot, high chair and bathtub) for children up to 2 years of age, which we provide free of charge. This is subject to availability at the time of booking. Contact us or mention it on your booking request and we will contact you.

Do you rent bikes?

We do not rent bicycles, but we have selected a partner who will gladly do so.

Tel: 06 17 38 27 37

Where is "La Mouclière" in relation to the pool?

La Mouclière" is located on the south beach of Fouras, 1800m from the "Les Thalassîles" residence. The swimming pool is in the residence, but if you need to use your car or bicycles, they can be parked at the residence.

I want to organise a birthday party with XX people is this possible?

No sorry, out of respect for the peace and quiet of the other guests in the residence, we do not accept event accommodation except in cases where the entire residence is dedicated to the event.

Contact us

Do you have availability? At what price?

By clicking on the "See availability" button, you can access the search area, which will show you which villas are available on the dates you are interested in and at what price.

Is the pool covered?

Yes, it's under a full-height cover that makes it an indoor pool. It can be transformed into an outdoor pool by opening the cover to a greater or lesser extent depending on the weather conditions.

Is the pool heated?


Are there any buses to the spa?

Yes, the Fouras - Rochefort link is provided by the Rbus company. Line G serves Les Thermes, stop "Les Thermes" and the nearest stops to the Thalassîles are the "Centre commercial" or "Le Cadoret" in Fouras (about 400m from the Thalassîles).

For more information on Rbus routes and timetables

Is the pool open?

Every year from the first weekend in April to the first Sunday after 11 November (or 11 November if it's a Sunday) the swimming pool is open and heated.

For other times of the year, please contact us.

Do you supply the cleaning products?

No, we do not provide a cleaning kit.

Can you confirm pricing / availability?

Clicking on the "See availability" button will take you to the booking area, where you can see which villas are available on the dates you are interested in and at what price.

What time do we have to vacate the accommodation?

Before 10am. It is possible to take a late check-out option at 12pm or 2pm, these options are subject to availability at the time of booking. Please mention that you wish to take one of these options in the comments when making your booking request.

What time can we arrive?

From 4pm. If you arrive earlier there are parking spaces in front of the residence which you can use and discover the ocean front less than 200m away. At "La Mouclière" there is a car park in front of the villa as well as children's play areas and the promenade along the beach.

We would like to come from Sunday to Sunday, is that possible?

In high and very high season (mainly school holidays) our rentals run from Saturday to Saturday. However, it is possible to arrive later or leave earlier. In low season, it is possible to rent from Sunday to Sunday. The booking area will guide you.

Do you accept medium dogs?

Yes, in the villa "La Mouclière". This is an additional option, see La Mouclière tariff

Do you accept small dogs?

Yes, in the "La Mouclière", "Aix" and "Lupin" villas. This is an additional option. Dogs are free to roam the enclosed gardens. For everyone's peace of mind, please do not leave your dog barking or alone in the accommodation. See Rates

Is the household included?

Cleaning at the end of your stay is an additional option. For stays of several weeks, it is also possible to take an additional option for cleaning during the stay.

Are sheets provided?

For all villas located in the residence, bed linen for the bedrooms (beds made up on arrival) is included for stays of less than 3 weeks. Extra bedding (sofa bed) is available as an optional extra. For stays of 3 weeks (21 days) or more at the curist or long-stay rate, they are included in the additional options.

For the villa "La Mouclière", bed linen (household linen, bed made up on arrival) is an additional option for both the occasional beds (sofa bed) and those in the bedrooms.

What are the bus schedules to go to the spa?

Access bus timetables by clicking on the R'Bus company link