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Rules and regulations Fitness Centre

Article 1

It is strictly forbidden to use the gym alone. For safety reasons, there must always be at least one other person to alert the emergency services in the event of an accident. Access to this room and the equipment it contains is strictly forbidden to minors, even if accompanied by an adult.

Article 2

In addition to the rules of the residence "Les Thalassîles" signed when you booked your accommodation, the use of this room is governed by the present rules which are binding on all, as well as the rules of courtesy, respect for others and sportsmanship.

Article 3

All users of the hall must be dressed in a decent and sporting manner. All clothing must be suitable for the use of each piece of equipment. Cords, belts or scarves and more generally any clothing or object likely to be entrained by the operation of the equipment are forbidden.

The sports shoes used must be suitable, non-slip and clean.

Article 4

Before using the equipment, each user must, under his own responsibility :

- consult a sports physician to ensure that the individual's health permits the use of weight training equipment,

- read the instructions for use for each piece of equipment they intend to use and follow them carefully.

Article 5

The use of the equipment is the sole responsibility of the user, with no specific supervision in the room.

Article 6

All equipment must be dried and, if necessary, cleaned by its user so as to allow normal use by the person who will succeed him or her. Any dirt, deterioration or damage, even minor, will be charged to the hirer, signatory of the rental contract. Each user must bring and use a clean towel to avoid splashing and/or damage to the equipment.Sweaty races on the devices.

Article 7

Each user's personal belongings remain their sole responsibility, regardless of where they are stored.

Article 8

In case of emergency, please call immediately the emergency services, the reception or, if you are absent, call 06 51 65 65 30

Article 9

During busy periods, the use of cardio equipment is limited to 30 minutes.

Article 10

The use of sticks and gymnastics on the floor are not permitted in the hall.

Article 11

Smoking is not allowed.

Article 12

access to equipment rooms and cupboards is prohibited

Signed The Thalassîles