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Charente Maritime Holiday Guide, Where to go?

    3 questions, 10 answers to Where to go on holiday in Charente Maritime?

    holidays in Charente-Maritime

    On ne peux pas se tromper en choisissant des vacances en Charente maritime, mais encore faut il décider où aller. Deuxième destination touristique de France les Charentes sont à la fois un lieu chargé d’histoire, avec un arrière-pays apaisant et une côte atlantique offrant plusieurs des plus belles plages de France.

    The richness of the heritage with its castles, forts, towns, Roman buildings, Romanesque churches (over 600), the diversity of places and emblematic events with the islands of the Charente channels, La Rochelle, Rochefort, Saintes, Cognac, etc. means that you have to make a choice, it is impossible to see everything!

    So, naturally, your choice of holiday destination will depend on the type of Charente-Maritime holiday you are looking for, and there is no single answer to this question.

    Si vacances en Charente maritime est pour vous synonyme de calme à la campagne tout en pouvant visiter quelques lieux historiques ou emblématiques.

    It is preferable to look for accommodation close to the historic or emblematic sites you have chosen, a little way from the towns and at least 10 km from the coast. The advantage will obviously be the peace and quiet and the budget compared with a stay on the coast. Holidays in Saintes, Cognac or less well known Brouage will be rewarding destinations.

    If Charente-Maritime holidays are all about beaches, lounging and the ocean, then a stay on one of the islands is just the ticket.

    Even if the islands are well connected to the mainland by a bridge for Ré and Oléron, and a ferry for the Ile d'Aix, the time needed to reach the mainland will not be negligible. The risk of traffic jams is high in summer, making getting to and from the islands of Oléron and Ré a tricky business. Each of these islands will appeal to you:

    Holidays on the white Île de Ré »

    The Île de Ré, with its wild salt marshes, oyster huts and parks, has managed to preserve its breathtaking scenery and the beauty of its typical villages, while becoming a mecca for summer tourism in the Charente Maritime region. Numerous holiday rentals, rates €€€€€.

    Holidays on the wild and luminous island of Oléron »

    The Ile d'Oléron, 30km long, is the largest island in France after Corsica. Oleron is nature at its most magnificent, raw and wild. With its long, magnificent beaches, dunes, forests and vast expanses of oyster beds, you'll discover a pastel osmosis of sky and water. Its typical villages and multicoloured oyster huts are set against these breathtaking landscapes. Numerous holiday rentals, rates €€€.

    Holidays in Aix La perle dans son écrin »

    The Ile d'Aix can only be visited on foot or by bike. On this small piece of land (2.5km long and 600m wide) you'll discover its village nestling in the shelter of fortifications, a typically wild Atlantic coastline looking out to sea and Fort Boyard, oyster-farming landscapes looking towards Fouras and a Mediterranean-style coastline looking towards La Rochelle / Châtelaillon. Highly popular with tourists in July and August, it regains all its natural charm and wildlife-friendly tranquillity from September onwards. Few holiday rentals available at €€€€.

    If your holiday in the Charente Maritime is a well-balanced mix of beach, leisure, festive and cultural visits, a stay on the coast will be the most appropriate.

    The location of this ideal holiday depends on your preferences for beaches, activities and ease of access to the places you want to visit.

    The most famous seaside resorts:

    Vacances à La Rochelle, en Charente maritime

    La Rochelle, city on the beach or beach in the city, there's always something going on! La Rochelle, the gateway to the ocean, is best known for its architecture (old port, old town). It also offers its aquariumIts beaches are located near the old port and the marina. Its 2 beaches are located, one near the old port and the other near the marina. Numerous holiday rentals at €€€€.

    Holidays in Châtelaillon-Plage, en Charente-maritime

    Châtelaillon-plage is a seaside resort created at the end of the 19th century a few kilometres south of La Rochelle. Its period seaside villas, with their old-fashioned charm, stretch along the 3km long sandy beach. Ideal for lovers of a large sandy beach close to La Rochelle. It's also a lively town in the summer months, well situated for visiting the Charentes region. Numerous holiday rentals, rates €€€€.

    Vacances à Fouras, en Charente maritime

    Fouras les Bains is also known as the green peninsula. The fishing village began its transformation into a seaside resort in 1860 with the arrival of the railway. It is both a balcony overlooking the islands, where you can take a boat to the Ile d'Aix and tour Fort Boyard, and a charming seaside resort with beautiful period middle-class villas. Best known today for the TV show "Fort Boyard", it has been a mecca for seaside tourism since 1890, with its beaches and casino. Staying in Fouras means staying on an island and on the coast at the same time. A family seaside resort with 5 gently sloping beaches, its large seawater reservoir means you can swim at any time of day. It is ideally situated for visiting the region. Numerous holiday rentals, prices €€€.

    Holidays in Ronce-les-Bains, en Charente-maritime

    This seaside resort was created in 1860, in a large area of dunes, close to La Tremblade. It has a lot of charm with its beautiful villas and chalets in so many different styles. La Cèpe beach at Ronce-les-Bains is located on the edge of the Coubre forest. A little way from the main roads, it's well situated for visiting the south of Charente Maritime, Saintonge and Ile d'Oléron. Numerous holiday rentals, rates €€€€.

    Holidays at La Palmyre Les Mathes, en Charente maritime

    La Palmyre is best known for its zoo. Les Mathes is famous for its long sandy beaches bordered by maritime pine forests. The Coubre lighthouse is just a few kilometres away. Les Mathes has some great cycle routes. It is also well situated for visiting the south of Charente Maritime, Saintonge and Ile d'Oléron. Numerous holiday rentals available at €€€€.

    Holidays in Royan, en Charente-maritime

    This elegant seaside town, with its pretty houses ranging from belle époque to 50s, is also known for its festival. "Un violon sur le sable. The festival that year after year brings classical music to all holidaymakers. Royan also has pretty little beaches nearby. Numerous holiday rentals at €€€€.

    Holidays in Saint Georges de Didonne, en Charente maritime

    The seaside resort boasts a large, beautiful 3km sandy beach. Ideally situated for visiting the southern Charente Maritime, Saintonge and part of the Blayais vineyards. Take the ferry to the Médoc and its prestigious châteaux. Numerous holiday rentals, prices €€€.

    Holidays in Charente-Maritime, where to stay?

    Rentals Holiday house, seasonal rentals, rentals Gîte, Holiday home, Hotel, Campsite, Bungalow, ...

    In Charente Maritime, there is a wide range of accommodation to choose from. Whether you're on holiday as a family or as a couple, there's no mistaking your choice. Holiday homes, self-catering cottages and seasonal lets are best suited to those looking for independence and family get-togethers. Holiday residences and campsites are more suited to those looking for a friendly group atmosphere, contact with other holidaymakers and services.

    Holiday home rentals with swimming pool The main advantage is that you can enjoy the facilities as a family (garden, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, etc.). The disadvantages are that you will have to manage these facilities yourself (equipment breakdowns and bathing water quality, for example). This can be very tricky and a false sense of security. See the blog articles on this subject: Rentals with private or shared pool, How to choose your holiday rental with peace of mind

    Rental in a tourist residence or campsite The main advantage is the shared services (entertainment, child-minding, games, swimming pool, hot tubs, maintenance service, etc.). The disadvantages are linked to the fact that these services are shared with many other holidaymakers and to the level of attention to hygiene that the establishment's managers pay to these services. See the blog articles on this subject: Rentals with private or shared pool, Bathing water quality.

    Pour bénéficier du meilleurs des 2 mondes, optez pour une résidence de vacances intimiste comportant peu de villas, d’un classement minimum **** et d’avis clients remarquables !

    Renting a holiday home with a swimming pool in Charente-Maritime or not?

    Why choose a holiday home or gite with a swimming pool when you live by the ocean?

    In Charente-Maritime you can swim on 3 of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast, but you're also staying in a region with a wealth of historic and tourist sites to visit. Even a 3-week stay is too short to visit everything. So as much as it's pleasant to visit the islands or the coast and enjoy their magnificent beaches, it's also pleasant to cool off and relax at the pool when you're back from some great discoveries inland.

    Enjoy the best of both worlds!

    The criteria are: an accessible pool (not too many people), quality water (for your safety, without the hassle of managing water quality), heated indoor and outdoor pools to avoid the vagaries of the weather. See the blog articles devoted to this subject: Rentals with private or shared pool, Bathing water quality.

    quality indicators

    Customer Reviews

    In all cases, the comments of previous holidaymakers are a valuable indicator. People who have taken the time to share their experiences highlight the strong points (positive and negative) of their holiday destination.

    From one to five stars

    Another quality indicator will be the number of stars awarded for furnished accommodation, holiday lets, gîtes, etc. by the Ministry of Tourism.

    How are the stars awarded?

    More than 130 criteria will be verified every 5 years by an independent certified body. The list of criteria depends on the type of accommodation. The lists are different for furnished accommodation (holiday homes) and large-scale accommodation (campsites, tourist residences). The calculation grid for each list is the same throughout France and is very strict. The number of stars is a very good criterion for assessing the level of comfort and service in a given structure, whatever the location chosen in France.

    Whatever you choose, it will be the right one! We hope you enjoy your holiday in Charente-Maritime.

    Information sheet prepared and offered by the **** holiday residence in Fouras les Bains.

    "Les Thalassîles", 4-star holiday home rental with swimming pool in Fouras, Charente maritime.

    Enjoy an exceptional holiday in the Charente-Maritime region.

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