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Private or shared pool?

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    Not so obvious, the right answer will be counter-intuitive!

    Private pool or shared pool, the most important thing is the quality of the water in your pool or hot tub!

    For health reasons, the ARS considers a private swimming pool or whirlpool bath in a holiday rental property (house, gite, etc.) to be a shared pool or whirlpool bath (shared over time between successive tenants).

    Maintaining the level of bathing water quality defined by the ARS is a time-consuming and costly process. The owner of a rented house with a private swimming pool will find it difficult to comply with this requirement day after day, with the consequent risk that the quality of the water will drift.

    Pooling this time and cost over several houses is one solution. This makes it easier for the shared pool to ensure that bathing water complies with ARS requirements.

    Excessive pooling (large numbers of bathers sharing the pool) will make it more difficult to maintain water quality. As with everything, you need to find the right balance.

    In May 2021, new decrees and orders were published in the Journal Officiel setting out the general legal framework for swimming pool water in the Public Health Code. These legal texts are applicable from 1 January 2022.

    This framework clarifies the competences and responsibilities between ARS and the people responsible for swimming pools as soon as these pools are shared with other people over time.

    Pools are classified into 4 classes according to their theoretical maximum use (defined by the surface area of the pool and whether or not it is covered), so that the frequency of health checks or surveillance can be adapted according to the risks associated with pool water quality and the difficulty of maintaining the minimum level of quality required for all pools.

    The results of these checks are displayed in the pool and/or whirlpool premises.

    Regardless of the pool's classification, the person in charge of the pool must keep an up-to-date health logbook for the pool and/or whirlpool bath. At least twice a day, this health log must record the values of the physico-chemical parameters and information on the number of people using the pool and any technical interventions carried out. The person in charge of the pool must also have defined water quality management procedures. The health logbook and management procedures must be made available to the ARS.

    Swimming pools and whirlpool baths are now equipped with automatic dosing systems for physico-chemical parameters. However, the water quality results must be checked daily using independent equipment, in order to correct any deviations in the installation and also to take additional measurements that are not currently automated. All of this is recorded in the baths' health logbook.

    The implementation of these provisions represents a significant but necessary workload to achieve good water quality for swimming pools and whirlpools.

    It means that the accommodation you have chosen keeps a daily eye on the quality of the water you are about to enter.

    The quality of the water also depends to a large extent on the care taken by bathers in complying with health regulations. For example, an establishment or rental where the mandatory soapy shower before bathing is not respected will be unable to maintain acceptable water quality in the whirlpool bath.

    A pool without regulations will inevitably lead to poor water quality.

    The pleasure of bathing is also being able to enjoy it in complete safety!

    As everyone is free to make their own choices, in conclusion we recommend that they choose the establishment with the approach to water quality that suits them and that will be in line with the level of health precautions that they are willing to respect, for themselves and for others.

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