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Butchers' Day: 11 August 2024

    Fête des Boucholeurs, oysters and mussels at Châtelaillon-Plage

    The village of Les Boucholeurs, one of the 7 districts of Chatelaillon-plage, the closest to Fouras, celebrates oyster and mussel farmers every year on a Sunday in August, this year on 11 August 2024.

    It's a festive and convivial occasion where you can rediscover or discover the traditions and know-how of the region.

    The 2024 programme is currently being drawn up and will be announced at a later date.

    The festivities will run from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. You can get a first idea of this great day by consulting the 2023 programme below.

    Programme for the day in 2023.

    - 10am - Opening of events and craft market
    - 10am-6pm - "P'tits Bouchos" village: entertainment for the little ones by the Boucholeurs district.
    - 10am: demonstration of mussel sorting at the Prévost Chollet establishment
    - 10.30am - 11.30am: Performance of the show RADEAU by the Compagnie Coyote Minute
    - 11am to 1pm - Games in the water: flat racing, pigouille...
    - 11.30am: Concert by the brass band
    - 12pm - Oyster opening and eating competition, Place André Hesse
    - 1.30 pm - Traditional dance with the folk group "les Mélusines".
    - 2.30pm to 5pm - Games on the foreshore: bike races, tug-of-war...
    - 5pm: Performance of the show RADEAU by the Compagnie Coyote Minute
    - 5.15pm - Oyster opening and eating competition in Place André Hesse
    - 5.30pm: Mussel sorting demonstration at the Prevost Chollet factory
    - 6pm: Football in the mud
    - 6.45pm - Giant Éclade, accompanied by traditional dances by the group "Les Mélusines" - free tasting - Rotonde. Organised by the Port district.
    - 7 to 9 p.m.-Apéros des Boucholeurs with music at restaurants and tasting huts
    - 9pm to 10.45pm - 1st part of the Bal populaire with the group SHOWYS
    - 22:45 - Pyrotechnic comma, shot from the sea - 4 minutes!
    - 10.50pm to 1am - Part 2 Popular ball with the SHOWYS group

    The must-sees :

    The giant eclat : After arranging the mussels in beautiful patterns on a bed of pine thorns, the bed of thorns is set alight! Once the last flames have disappeared, the result is mussels with a slightly smoky flavour, a real treat and a typically Charentais recipe. All you have to do is try it, and it's free!

    Whether at Les Boucholeurs or Fouras vase games are a tradition. A time when the foreshore becomes a playground. This year's programme includes a football match as well as games! If you fancy it, don't forget your swimming costume or second-hand clothes!

    The craft market along the seafront, where you can stroll through the stalls of 50 traders.

    You'll be able to discover "made in Charente" creations and delicacies with a local flavour. Driftwood, photographs, dried flowers, angelica sweets... you're sure to find the perfect holiday gift.

    Music and shows galore

    The Boucholeurs village is a bit like a seaside guinguette. You can enjoy oysters, dance to the tunes of yesteryear and laugh along with the locals. the Compagnie coyote and their show radeau a poetic and humorous tale of our differences.

    And traditional celebrations mean popular dance. The crowd gathers at 9pm in front of the stage to sing and dance to the hits of yesterday and today with the group Showys. A short break for the pyrotechnics and it's off again until the end of the night!

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