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Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet, holidays and teleworking at the same time

High-speed Internet access throughout the residence via a combination of the "Les Thalassîles" Wi-Fi network and fibre optics.

The fibre optic connection was installed in December 2020. With downloads up to 2Gb/s (1GBit/s per device and 600Mb/s for sending emails, photos, videos,...) you can keep in touch during your holidays or while teleworking...

The seismic construction standards applied to the residence and the desire not to expose our guests to too much radiation may create shadow areas where Wi-Fi reception is more delicate, in the rooms of the F3 villas. We can install Wi-Fi repeaters in these villas on request.

You can connect as many terminals as you wish, all in "Full access", a service offered at Thalassîles.